4 Responses to Trades – Buy/Write DDM/DDMFX & XHB/XXJFT

  1. The Travelin' Man says:

    Had a sneaky suspicion that you were onto XHB when you posted last week’s report! I don’t know why, but I almost predicted this trade over the weekend.

    Good luck.

  2. The Travelin' Man says:

    Also, I don’t know if you already read this, but this came up on my newsreader today:


  3. RichSlick says:

    I have been trading blindly for the past couple of weeks as I have been on the other side of the globe but I’m finally back to take the money bull by the horns.

    I bought XHB & DDM because I think they’ll do well with the ETF Covered Call Strategy; volatility = profits.

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