High Yield ETF Covered Calls as of September 7th 2007

What an amazing week of ups and downs.  I’m still in 100% cash until AFTER the Fed meeting.  It’s been hard to stay on the sidelines because there are some opportunities out there.  I meant to buy FXY on the last dip but didn’t get around to it and it popped $1.5 today!  Oh well, I’m better off in cash anyway.

Here are this weeks picks and for goodness sake, be careful out there.

2007_0907.png 2007_0907puts.png 2007_0907currency.png
Note:  I tried using data from Google Finance and just realized that some of the data is off.  I’m beginning to think google finance sucks.  The picks are mostly correct but do your own due diligence!

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    It’s been fixed! Thanks for pointing that out. Must have broken during the last upgrade. I hate upgrades…..

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