Rich Slick’s ETF-Cashinator™ Quick Reference Guide now in PDF Format

Rich Slick’s ETF-Cashinator™ Quick Reference Guide is now available. These are all my favorite ETFs. The sheet is broken down into three sections.

  • Section 1 includes all ETFs which have options trading available, volume of 100k+ shares traded daily, broken down by categories: Indexes, Financials, Health Care, Energy, Commodities, etc.
  • Section 2 includes Leveraged (2x) ETFs broken down by Indexes and Sectors
  • Section 3 includes Shorting (1x & 2x) ETFs broken down by Indexes and Sectors

Click here to get PDF.

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4 Responses to Rich Slick’s ETF-Cashinator™ Quick Reference Guide now in PDF Format

  1. Jay says:

    Dear Rich,

    I like your work, and i have used many of your ideas (in the past) . Time will tell about your last call – SHORt the mkt , into a rally ( ihope you are right and make a lot of $$$) , but, yes ,,,there is always a “but”…it would be nice to see a REAL update (even if we are on the wrong side ) rather that just say i made $$$, and all is ok.
    the mkt went up over 200 points, and you are short , maybe its time to give a TIMELY REAL update , so we “learn” while we are on the wrong side ( for a while i hope) what and how to do. tks jay

  2. RichSlick says:

    In my opinion, this market will fall and I will sell my short positions when I profit 1% to 3% in the coming weeks. Technically, I’m at a 1k loss right now but I expect the market to fall soon.

    This isn’t advice for you or anyone else to go and short the market. I may be wrong and worse case I’ll lose 1k or 2k. I don’t expect the Dow to rally into 15k but who knows it might happen.

    On the flip side, I’ve made $1200 with my arbitrage account on an ETF Covered Call. So one gain in one account will offset loses in another. I’m not losing any money just being patient.

  3. jay says:

    thanks for the answer,
    i have no issue with being short (or long)- i feel the same , we may see a correction .
    all i was asking is a closer update- ( as u just did) so we get a better understanding of your site.
    on the arb account , which etf did u trade . and if you are long…what do u do when the correction hits?

  4. richslick says:

    It was an ETF-Cashinator pick and I’ll unveil it after expiry. My arbitrage account is 100% pure borrowed money so I’m not posting the trade until after expiry.

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