High Yield ETF Covered Calls as of December 1st 2006

I’ve run the ETF-Cashinator™ today on December 1, 2006 to look for opportunities in December and January. With just two weeks till December expiry on December 15th, GDX leads the pack with 2.5% to 3.89% possible returns on Buy-write trades.

The January Expiry Calls are a little more interesting with HHH, GDX, PBW all yielding between 3% to 6.8% returns for about 46 days till January Expiry!

Be careful! The Federal Reserve will be meeting on December 12th to determine Interest Rate Policy. IF the Fed decides to raise rates it may send gold into a sell off and you may end up having to hold GDX a while to recover but it could also be an opportunity to write future calls. Please keep this in mind!

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