Connect-R feat BRUJA – To The Max

Pe atac de cum intru Iluminatoare-i calea mea Vezi in calibru Freestyle, Love, Free Fire Rock in microfon Volum la bas, Nu crapa ceas Asa ca-l dau la max Nu ma lua cu “pretty please” Nu te menajez, bro Te gauresc dinadins Cum se da Start, Go Enchante Ma numesc Miss Revolver Garena in casa […]

JUNO X Raluka – Doua inimi

E deja o vreme de cand tu nu ai culoare Ai doar alb in fata, insa nu dai semn de pace Ne tot dam iertare pana cad in nepasare Ramane competitie, pe unul va durea mai tare Pe care oare? Cineva o sa sufere mai are cand se va termina Stim deja ca o sa […]

League Of Legends – Burn It All Down Lyrics

[Refrain] Keep talking, keep laughing One day you’ll wish you hadn’t All the people want fire, fire Maybe it’s time they meet their dragon [Pre-Chorus] If you’re gonna hold me down And you’re not gonna let me in Into your castle walls None of you can keep them [Chorus] ‘Cause if I gotta Bu-bu-burn it […]

Young Thug – I’m One of Those Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Yeah, yeah FN on my side from the stage back to the studio ([?] on the track) I told her come in and I caught her just like Julio I love the way you kiss on me and pout every time I go I just wanna know do you love me ’til […]

Popp Hunna – Ksubi Lyrics

Called her a bitch, she got on my nerves and I ain’t say sorry Fuck is a sorry? Bitch, I ain’t sayin’ no sorry I just tagged bro in (Uh-huh) Then I tagged bro out, then I tagged bro in (Uh-huh) Fuck is you tryna do? (Uh-huh) I don’t know, motherfucker, but I’m tryna win […]

Son Lux – Vacancy (No One Near) Lyrics

Recline, thinking back to my eyes falling on you For the first time and how it felt like the last of the worst times Little did we know, love is love, but what is love, what do we mean? If I can’t give you what you want Can I love you more just by leaving? […]

Digga D – Keep Talkin Lyrics

(What, you got him?) If you do, beg you say right now and be honest So I can jump out and put him in a coffin (Grr, bap) Made the .44 long start knocking (Bow!) Ring through the door and the bell nearly dropped him (Bow, bow) Before we chopped him, she gave the drop […]

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Three Steps Lyrics

‘Cause that’s my woman there And I’m a man who cares And this might be all for you” I said, “Excuse me” I was scared and fearing for my life I was shakin’ like a leaf on a tree ‘Cause he was lean, mean Big and bad, Lord Pointin’ that gun at me Oh, wait […]

Incubus – Look Alive Lyrics

Look alive… smile Smile and look alive Smile, smile and look alive Yeah woah oh A picture says with sight What we can’t say with words But you’ve been walking eyes to feet In dark sunglasses A picture will survive So smile and look alive A picture says with sight What we can’t say with […]

Milton Brunson – My Mind’s Made Up Lyrics

I don’t like it, seen some things, some things have got to be shaken. Vamp 4: Sopranos: My mind’s made up, no turning back. I’ll walk and I’ll crawl, but this time Im going to give my all and all. Vamp 1: My mind’s made up, no turning back. My mind’s made up, no turning, […]

Burning Point – Manic Merry-go-round Lyrics

I don’t need no excuses to throw you out The pressure is off without a doubt Stuck in between… Evil whirlwind And a manic merry-go-round Like you haven’t seen Evil whirlwind And a manic merry-go-round Should I do that, did I say it like it was Who’s in the shadows, who will count the costs […]

Goodnight Nurse – Death Goes To Disco Lyrics

Midnight and I’m dancing with the devil She whispers thoughts of pure evil I see a vision of an angel Gun shot and my heart goes- Jumstart my heart Burn on Through the dark Poison in my blood I will come undone Midnight and I’m dancing with the devil She whispers thoughts of pure evil […]

Hellacopters – (gotta Get Some Action) Now! Lyrics

Well I got better things to do with my time Than to sit on my ass and throw pearls before swine Gotta-gotta-go-go light up the ignition Gotta kill that sacred cow Please spare me all of your futuristic visions ”cause I gotta get some action Gotta get some action now! There comes a time when […]