Ariel Nan – Descontrolando Lyrics

Tarde en la noche y te veré Mis manos piden rozar tu piel Segundo whiskey bautizará Dulce pecado que a mí mente das Eres un diablo y en tu fuego me quemó Y mis delirios atados a los anteojos de tu infierno Condenado a perderlo todo En tu juego sin religión Y bailas perlando tu […]

Chris Crocker – Wet Lyrics

Let it, let it, get wet (×8) I see that imprint on your pants I wonder what’s under it I see something poking out and my lips wanna get it out I see something deep down, under your waist What would happen, baby? Call me a dirty name Make me feel ashamed Let it, let […]

Smokey Robinson – Love Is The Light Lyrics

Strange how we move through life Feeling in the dark Seeking to be a winner But missing the mark Then someone comes along Like magic they appear All of the shadows fade And everything is clear That’s what you’ve done to me Since you have come to me Love is the light (I’ve seen the […]

Echolyn – Winterthru Lyrics

I heard the winterthru the evening I saw the winterthru the trees Knee deep in silence Immune to the world around me Winterthru a crack in the door Winterthru the bones of the poor November’s wind, December’s wind Are getting warmer now Gone are the days of the Garity’s and Bergey Hill Sliding headlong into […]

New Kingdom – Mexico Or Bust Lyrics

[Hook: Nosaj] Mexico or bust Mexico or bust Mexico or bust Mexico or bust [Verse 1: Nosaj] Mexico is calling me And damn if it ain’t all in me To pack my bags and grab a crate Ain’t nothing better than an unplanned escape Hell ain’t catching up to me, no way I’m taking back […]

Chris Crocker – Gone Lyrics

We keep going in circles I know that you know I know That we can do this no more ‘Cause life’s been going in slow-mo I’m over it now I’m over it now I’m pouring out my heart While you don’t have a thought You think I’m crazy but I’m really not You’re acting like […]

Kwess Junior – Slow Down Lyrics

You can fool me one time lil nikka but you better slow down. Kudala ndikubukele usiza nikka khame whoah , phola You need to slow down , whoo-ooah [ Verse ] Xandikubiza ungalalazi , Ndiphethe uzinja noo manakazi, O mess’a nazo ngapha kumele uzazi , Woza ngapha ndiku kopolise ekasi , Hol-up Ndiphum’eghetto , Anaw’umthetho […]

Maria Walsh-cole – Home Lyrics

(instrumental) I want to go home, but I don’t know where it is, I wanna be alone, But I’m feeling too crowded, Oh yeah, I want you to stay, But I tell you to go, And when I think about it baby, All I wanna know is, Why am I still with you when you […]

Ariel Nan – Soy Aquel Lyrics

Espera Tan solo aguarda un instante más La tarde se enfrio en la noche Apagando mi calor asi Yo   se   bien y tu   tambien Soy un sin nombre, soy el   otro El que escondes, el que ocultas Yo soy aquel Pero detente, si detente Y deja que te admire un tanto […]

Smokey Robinson – Jasmin Lyrics

Jasmin has been running around in circles Doing crazy things Jasmin has been idolized by common men Sought after by kings She’s a lady fair with whom they would share Their every, every dream She’s a bundle of joy love She’s a femme supreme Jasmin, well, has in her eyes such a look of love […]

Chris Crocker – Haunts Me Lyrics

I’m thinking ’bout you I’m trying not to blame myself For how everything went down But the truth is about to come out I know I acted like a clown You really, really fit me well Now I’m a burden Now I burn to nothing Sweetest candy The back of me But back for me […]

Smokey Robinson – Love ‘n Life Lyrics

Don’t you wish you could fly Like all the birds in the sky Everything would last forever Nothing would ever die Don’t you wish life was easy And every little thing you need Was handed on a silver platter Don’t you wish it could be Well, let me tell you this It’s hard to find […]

Frankie Valli – Grease Lyrics

I solve my problems and I see the light We got a lovin’ thing, we gotta feed it right There ain’t no danger we can go to far We start believin’ now that we can be who we are Grease is the word They think our love is just a growing pain Why don’t they […]

Gabriel Perales – See It Thru Lyrics

When it comes to getting mine I go over the top I ain’t ever been regular & aint looking to stop I heard somebody saying that they want me to flop At least they have a goal now for that I give props Aint a hater, rather be a motivator If you aint talking goals […]

Ariel Nan – La Era Del Rock Lyrics

Mas allá del silencio Y la mediocridad Tiempos violentos Matando la paz La hora se acerca Levantate ya Generación perdida Buscando la verdad Fuego… La era del rock La era del rock No hay tiempo de más, no La era del rock La era del rock Ya va a comenzar Sonidos del infierno Nos alertarán […]

Chris Crocker – Blessing Lyrics

I still think of you every night Want ya my side Til’ the morning light So I close my eyes And hold you tight In my dreams Over and over We got a thing Some people search the world for Why walk away When my heart is yours We got a thing some people Search […]

Smokey Robinson – Easy Lyrics

I’m so glad you’ve come to me, baby We’ve got a mission for tonight And the conditions are, oh, so right There’s no one here There’s only you and me in ecstasy And love is running wild and free And easy, easy I think tonight’s one o those night We can’t conceal what’s in our […]

Echolyn – One Voice Lyrics

Listen well, life's too short to make excuses Take the chance, expose yourself to find your wrong You are the reason why denial breeds frustration You've let your dreams slip away First answer to yourself then decide for others If the dream in your possession has time enough Or room for those who can't decide […]